The world's first freelancer platform exclusively for health and safety professionals. SafetyFreelancer provides an online platform for businesses and experts to connect and collaborate on a global stage for safety, environmental and quality controls. The world economic forum has noted that the  “GiG Economy” will be the 4th industrial revolution.

Our mission statement is “to make workplace safety more affordable, accessible and efficient”. Currently safety professionals spend as much as 70% of their time in the office, that's not what the principle of safety is about. Safety is about engaging with the frontline workforce, analysing work practices to make sure workers are safe.

Safety should be improved if required; this is only identified from talking and listening to all parties to ensure safety is a priority. We need safety in the field at the frontline of operations and SafetyFreelancer makes this happen. The lack of talent in the market is driving up salaries and business costs across the globe. Our platform connects safety, health, environmental and quality experts from around the world with business owners. SafetyFreelancer allows businesses to outsource their admin and safety related tasks to a flexible global workforce.

We champion a large active community of health and safety professionals with exciting clients and industries. Our platform allows freelancers to independently earn money and be a success in their careers. SafetyFreelancer allows clients to complete projects on time and on budget. We verify all freelancers on their credentials and check that clients are legitimate entities. We use one of the most trusted payment providers on the web for fraud prevention and online transactions. We will also work directly with business owners in a “managed service” style model which sets us apart from other platforms in the industry.